How To Pass Your Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair drug tests have been around for quite a while, and they are considered to be more efficient than urine or blood tests. With a hair drug test scheduled within a few weeks, if not earlier, you may feel at a loss in regards to how you should pass such a test. Read ahead and learn everything there is to know about these tests and what you can really do to escape unscathed.

Hair Drug Test Vs. Other Drug Screenings

hair follicle drug testIt is not unusual for companies today to ask their employers to have a drug test taken. However, while urine and blood tests are considered to be efficient enough, many times, employers prefer to go for a hair drug test instead. Why?

Blood and urine can be falsified; it is as simple as that. Taking blood or urine from a person for testing purposes is quite a personal matter, and usually labs ask the people who will be tested to bring these samples from home, or at least, they allow them the privacy to collect the sample on their own (in the case of urine).

Because synthetic urine is already sold on the internet and there are other means to falsify such samples, urine tests are considered by many employers a poor choice.

Hair, on the other side, can be taken from your scalp directly by a person hired by the lab, right on the spot. This means that you cannot come with a hair sample from home.

Do not fall prey to the various ads on the internet telling you their products can help you pass such a test with ease. Only a few work and you need to know which are those that really do work.

Overview – Hair Follicle Drug Test

There are quite a few things you may not know about hair drug tests. Here is one that you should be well aware of.

Your hair follicles have the ability to store information through metabolites that remain residing in your hair, about drug use. Basically, if you smoke heavily 3 weeks prior to a drug test, that will show on your hair sample, and that means that you can be fired based on the results.

Hair follicles have the ability to store such information for months. The most accurate duration of time is 90 days, and this is for how long these tests can trace down drug consumption. Another thing to keep in mind is that the lab will be able to tell when the last session of heavy drug use took place. So, even if you manage to stay away from drugs for a while, you will find that it is not easy to pass a hair follicle test.

On the bright side, if you only consume very little drugs and then you have a drug test scheduled, you may be off the hook. This means, however, that you know exactly how little is actually ‘little’ when it comes to drugs.

When You Arrive

You may want to know what actually happens when you are asked for a hair follicle drug test. The entire procedure is quite simple. You are expected at the lab, or someone from the lab comes to take a hair sample from you, which will be, most probably taken from your head.

After that, the lab will handle the testing and you will get the results within three days. Then you will know if you tested positive or negative for drug use.

When Will Drugs Show Up?

This is another sound question related to hair drug tests. The metabolites mentioned above will appear in the hair follicles before they actually appear above the scalp. Still, if the hair doesn’t grow above your scalp, it cannot be sampled, and it means that no hair drug test will be able to tell anything about you doing drugs earlier than one week – which is exactly how hair needs to grow and be ready to be taken for samples. However, while this may help you with recent drug use, it will not help you with earlier sessions of drug usage.

What Part Of The Body?

Practically, yes. Usually, labs take one inch or a little more of hair, in order to go back the 90 days for establishing your history of drug use. If you are a bald person, or you usually keep your hair really short, they may not be able to take hair from your head. Then, they may ask you for a sample from another part of your body. While women can keep their bodies perfectly shaved, this method is not as common for men, so you may have the hair sample taken from other parts of the body.

What must be said, though, is that body hair tends to have a much slower development, which means that it can be more than one week for it to grow above the skin and show signs of recent drug use.

What Drugs Are Tested?

Most drugs produce a certain metabolite that appears in the hair follicle, and this is how they are traced in your hair. Drugs like marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, morphine, and plenty of others are broken down by your body, and part of them, in the form of these metabolites, get into your hair. If you smoke weed or do other drugs, this will show at the lab test, and then, you will have to face the consequences.

Possible Ways To Beat The Hair Follicle Drug Test

Since many people have to go through hair drug tests, there have been quite a few solutions tried and tested over the years. Here are the most popular, along with their ups and downs.

Detox Shampoos

This is a solution many mention, and some even with success, so it is worth taking a look at it. A detox cleansing shampoo does nothing else by to make your hair clear of all the traces of drugs. This means that the shampoo should be able to enter hair follicles and cleanse the metabolites gathered there. In theory, this sound great, but in reality, there are but a few products worthy of your money.

Aloe Rid, created by a company called Nexus, used to be quite popular. The new formula should be more tested, but the old one used to have quite a fan base. If you want to give it a shot, search for the old formula.

TestClear is a more expensive solution, and the old formula is also the one recommended by those who vouch for its success. Be prepared to shell more bucks on such a cleansing shampoo, since they do not usually come cheap.

Shave Your Entire Body

Shaving your body could be a solution, because, basically, if the lab doesn’t have hair samples to take from you, you cannot be tested. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this method. If you suddenly shave everything, including your head, your employer will think something is fishy and will have you take a blood or urine test.

Homemade Options

Is it possible to wash away traces of drugs from your hair using some homemade blends?

Some say that a mix of vinegar and salicylic acid is the best solution. Others say that bleaching your hair could work wonders.

While you may hear about such methods, do not expect wonders; they have not been so often tested to be bulletproof methods.

Hair Detox Friend

Hair Detox Friend is a special program dedicated to those who want to pass the hair follicle test. It involves employing a personal guide that will teach you what products to use and how to pass such a test, depending on your particular conditions.

The program costs under 50 bucks and they do offer a full refund for 60 days if you are unhappy with the results.

Should I Do An At-Home Test?

There is no point in staying on needles and pins waiting for an official test to be carried out with your hair sample. If you want to know whether you should worry or not, get a test for home use and see if you test positive. If the result you get is a negative one, you may be lucky and pass the official test without too much trouble, too.

How accurate are these tests?

Many people wonder how accurate are these tests and they are right to wonder about such things. According to labs performing such tests, the accuracy is 99%, which is very high, indeed. However, there are things that can influence the results of these tests, and even the best labs may have a hard time trying to get hold of all the variables. All in all, this 99% accuracy, in perfect lab conditions, can be a lot lower, and the figures collected during recent years show that drug tests are not as accurate as people think they are.

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