Psychemedics Hair Testing Is The Most Accurate

Psychemedics hair testing utilizes very efficiently, yet proprietary methods, to remove the drug from inside the hair follicle. Other labs leach drugs from the hair itself, which can leave drugs behind or chemically destroy the drug in the testing process.

Psychemedics, which is a preferred method of lab testing, uses its special method to remove nearly all of the drug from the hair follicle. This allows technicians increased access to chemical traces and can increase the chance of detection. Use of non-Psychemedics methods may provide inferior results, and can lead to false negative results.

Why It’s The Best

It Requires Less Hair

Alternate labs may need as much as two to three times more hair for their testing procedures. A smaller sample size means that tests will have to be canceled or rescheduled less frequently due to insufficient sample size. Besides, even donors with little hair on their head or limited body hair can be tested.

Can Use Hair From Different Areas

Psychemedics has increased the reliability of drug testing programs by ensuring that even individuals without hair on their heads are tested correctly. This population includes nearly 15% of the individuals who apply for employment or who are employed today.

Reduce External Contamination of Samples

Psychemedics has created and utilizes one of the most thorough wash procedures in the industry to remove and account for external contamination. This nearly four-hour, multiple step procedure included testing of the last wash and enhanced wash criteria.

Some other labs use less effective methods or choose not to analyze the final wash at all. This may put their clients at risk of making employment decisions based on false information. Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of this detailed wash procedure, as well as the potential issues with the procedures used by other labs.

Process is Evasion Resistant

Unlike some hair drug tests, Psychemedics’ tests can’t be beaten by cleaners, bleach, or hair dye. While some of these chemicals can alter lab test results dramatically, Psychemedics has published data proving that normal daily use of these common hair products and adulterants will not alter test results to create a false negative.

Unparalleled Legal Results

Psychedelics’ tests for hair have been held up in more federal and state courts than any other testing lab. In addition to these courts, their technology has also been deemed reliable enough to be used in umemployment, arbitrations, and other legally binding issues.

Psychemedics has more than 25 years representing workplace testing procedures, and our results have been held up again and again when legally challenged. Our track record speaks for itself, and our legal record stands far above any other laboratory in the industry. Other labs have even tried to point us out as an example to help support their testing methodology.

It’s More Effective

Hair drug tests are one of the most effective methods for detecting recent marijuana usage.

Marijuana is currently the most used illegal drug in the United States. A recently published SAMHSA report showed that 76% of drug users self-report their marijuana usage. However, the drug can be difficult to detect in the hair without proper test method and appropriate technology.

Our agency has spent multiple years of research developing the ability to extract drugs from the hair, preparing samples, and solving the detection issues that relate specifically to marijuana testing and analysis. This has allowed Psychemedics to develop and patent methods to extract and detect marijuana that are some of the best in the industry.

The major advantage to using a hair test is that it provides a longer window of detection. This means that drug users are detected at a much higher rate than when employers use urinalysis alone.

Paired data demonstrating hair and urine samples from one donor on one day that are released by alternate labs demonstrate an identical rate for urine and hair tests. This means that even with the longer window that hair analysis provides, these labs are still only able to detect the same number of marijuana users. Psychemedics’ hair test, however, often finds 4 to 7 times more marijuana users than urinalysis alone.

Psychemedics typically finds 5 to 10 times the number of drug users among all drug categories that are tested, when the numbers are compared to urinalysis in paired data. When you opt for a Psychemedics hair test, you can rest assured that your business can detect drug abuse across all drug categories, including even small amounts of marijuana.